Selling products on marketplaces can be hugely beneficial for brands and online-sellers. Setting up an account is easy and you get instant (theoretical) access to vast numbers of potential customers.

There are two key features that define an online marketplace

  1. An online store where there are many sellers and buyers trading through one website with cross-sells between Brands helping one another.
  2. Buyers are able to purchase products directly with multiple brands without leaving the website.

Why you should sell on a Marketplace

They are becoming more and more popular
Whenever people buy online, there is a  chance they will go to an Online Marketplace.

You get instant access to thousands and potentially millions of customers
As mentioned before, whenever you start selling your products on a marketplace you will automatically have access to all its customers — without having to spend a tonne of money on marketing.

You benefit from the reach of the marketplace

No one might know your brand or your products but in a marketplace setting, you can be discovered. You don’t need to convince people to come to your actual website.

You gain an instant level of trust

By selling on a marketplace you benefit from all its marketing and brand-building expenses. People trust the marketplace so they will automatically also trust you.

It can be a testing ground

Do you want to know just what people are willing to spend on a specific product? Or do you have a product surplus or want to introduce a brand new item? Why not use a marketplace instead of your own webshop.

You don’t need a separate website if you do not wish one.

By selling on a marketplace you can dip your toe in the waters of e-commerce without being forced to make advance investments into the set-up, design and marketing of your own webshop.

Starting is pretty simple and quick

The marketplace will take care of much of the hassle of selling online for you: design, hosting, processing of orders, financial transaction fees — you save a lot of time and money. These days there are even experts on Fiverr who will complete the entire set-up for you if you find that you are time-poor.

It can be an additional marketing channel 

When you already have a strong brand or you just want to get your name out a little more, marketplaces are the perfect place to get people interested in your products and your brand.

You can gain access to new audiences

Thanks to the prevalence of marketplaces, you will find a lot of different types of people browsing them. So you can break out of your niche and sell to people who might otherwise never have known you

When you register to sell with Mommy Crowd Marketplace you will have a login into your very own Brand store.

The below will give you a brief overview of the Brand Journey. 

  1. Create your own store within Mommy Crowd.
  2. Customers order your product through Mommy Crowd and pay using PayPal or their credit card.
  3. The order generates a new order email which automatically arrives in your inbox, advising you that you have an order.
  4. You prepare and dispatch the order to the customer within 24 hours (*n/a for personalised items)
  5. You change the order status to completed and an email automatically generates to the customer to advise them that their product is on the way. 
  6. Your customer receives your product and squeals with delight.
  7. You get paid immediately, once the customer places an order less our % fee. 

As a Vendor through Mommy Crowd, you have the extra ability to be found by thousands of mainly Mothers.

If you decide to register to sell with us today, it’s completely free. We do have options which requires a monthly fee which incorporate even more functionally and exposure for your store.

Imagine having access to your very own store which enables you to set up your own products for sale, manage staff access, see full reporting, see the visitor numbers to your store and even place your store on Holiday Mode so that you can go on vacation knowing that customers are fully informed while you are sipping cocktails by the beach. If you get stuck, that’s Ok as we are happy to help.

Someone who makes well made, useful products for our target marketed including children aged between 0-14 years, their mothers, fathers and school teachers.

Whether you are a one-person business or you have a team and warehouse, if you exude a loving personal touch with a strong sense of pride, you are very welcome to sell with Mommy Crowd. 

We are always looking for:

  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Home & Living
  • Baby & Kids
  • Services
  • Maternity Fashion and favourites
  • Personalised children’s gifts that you have sourced or designed yourself
  • Personalised gifts for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers
  • Kids Lighting
  • Play Mats
  • Nursery Decor
  • Children’s Fashion Brands
  • Kids Shoes
  • Children’s and Parenting Books
  • Baby Accessories
  • School Kids Gifts
  • Online courses – relating to families or Mothers
  • Services for Moms

Stylish, unique and quality products that are always presented professionally.

Businesses that are looking to scale and grow — no matter how big or small you currently are. 

Great photography to align with our curation policy.

Anything illegal. PS All store approvals are entirely at the discretion of Mommy Crowd.

Mommy Crowd often acts as your Customer Service, the middle man. In some cases, we can handle the enquiry however there are times when we touch base with our Brand for further clarification.

At Mommy Crowd, we have the philosophy that a thankful approach is the best way to converse with customers.

You can assist us to reduce the customer service issues by posting your products on time and advising our customers of your tracking information in the designated space for tracking numbers.

Reasons we may ask you to leave 

Thank you for understanding that dispatch within 48 hours is important to us (unless a personalised gift)

For this reason, the following applies.

  • If Mommy Crowd is required to follow up three late orders within the same month, we will automatically place your store on Holiday mode until the first of the following month.
  • If we are required to do this three times within a year, we will sadly wave you goodbye as we do not wish to let our customers down.

Immediate Closure of your store will apply is a customer complains about the below. 

  • If you are purposely adding customer email addresses to your own database without their Opt-In on your website.

Thank you for understanding that negative reviews affect is all.

As part of our Marketing model, we promote free standard shipping within the USA.
We do have a few sellers who are shipping from overseas and they have also complied with this request.
Express post is offered an add-on option.

How to pay for free shipping

Let’s be honest someone has to pay for the cost of delivering goods to consumers. The ultimate challenge for online businesses is how to affordably offer free shipping and balance the expense?

The easiest way is to Factor shipping into operation and pricing: understand shipping costs from the moment you receive inventory and include it in financial models.

As the majority of our vendors also choose to have free shipping on their own websites it has been easy.
Why do we offer Free shipping?
If a customer purchases from more than one brand it is important that the cost of shipping does not add together and be shown as a high number in the cart. This may cause the customer to abandon their shopping cart.
If you decide to ship internationally, there are options to calculate shipping from within the system for International shipping or you may choose to post per zone.

Sale promotions are a great way for organisations to encourage potential customers to buy your product. Done well, they boost short-term sales while also attracting new customers, prompt positive online reviews, and lead to repeat purchases.

Mommy Crowd has a few Sales strategies

We offer a 10% discount to brand new customers who sign up to our newsletter via our website. Visitors are emailed a unique code which has a minimum $100 spend attached. This is to encourage visitors who are just short, to purchase one more gift so that they can save $10.

This $10 comes out of the Mommy Crowd’s Handling Fee. 

We also offer a repeat customer discount, this is included in their paperwork when they make a purchase. This 5% discount is a little thank you and a way to entice them to shop again.

This 5% discount comes out of the Mommy Crowd’s Handling Fee. 

We also offer a discount if there is a glitch of some sort during the transaction. This is offered from Mommy Crowd’s Business Management and is at our discretion. 

As a vendor, you can set up your very own Coupon code and offer a sale. If you do this, be sure to let us know so that we can promote it for you. 

On top of these standard discounts. Mommy Crowd’s Marketplace also offers the below:

  • Flash Sales
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Birthday Celebrations (March) 
  • Featured Sellers and more. 
  • Black Friday – Cyber Monday  

There are also paid for Marketing Opportunities which we will share throughout the year.


Running competitions enables you to engage contacts within your database in a way that no other online marketing does. 

When a competition is drawn, we will email those who entered a special deal to purchase the gift or gifts’ within the competition, after all, they entered to win this gift so clearly would like it. 

Marketing isn’t just an important part of business success; it is the business. 

For this reason, you will find that Mommy Crowd markets through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You-tube, Google Ads, targeted online and email re-marketing and business collaborations with other businesses.

Features Customers Love

  • Free Shipping – Customers dislike shipping added at the checkout
  • The ability to shop directly from our Brands own store and shop their prices
  • All goods are shipped to the customer directly from our Brands 
  • A large variety of gift vouchers which can be emailed to the recipient
  • The ability to Gift an actual gift for a friend. Your friend may accept your gift or use the value of that gift to purchase something more to their liking.  
  • Easy Payment Gateways – PayPal or Credit Card
  • Free shipping 
  • $10 discount of their first order when using their unique code – gained from signing up to our newsletter 
  • The customer receives a past customer discount code for future orders. 
  • Purchase from a selection of hundreds of Brands with the one handy checkout.
  • Family owned and operated by a Mum just like them.
  • Easy Returns

Features Brands Love 

  • Holiday Mode – This will allow you to go away on holiday without the concern that you have customers waiting.
  • Customers and Vendors get access to a rich front-end dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.
  • Vendors can see store sales report in details and also get a complete overview of their store’s performance.
  • No need for you to spend time worrying about coupons. Handle your own discounts.
  • Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews – Good reviews can help other customers to gain trust and increase your marketplace brand value. 
  • We have enabled ShipStation they can also handle their shipping with the popular shipping solution.
  • You can be found amongst other reputable Kids and Family Brands.
  • You may get a sale if you are linked to another gift. The system will prompt the sale within a linking and again at checkout.
  • You get paid immediately once an order has been placed.
  • Vendors can easily add their own shipping information and advise when a product has been dispatched.

When you login, you can click on the “Forgot my Password” link and it will take you through all the steps.

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